Meet your Muse on Spring Equinox for story gathering…

Dear Ones,

It is the first day of Spring and what is springing up in me is a desire to share the work of one of my favorite artists, friends, and co-leaders. Jena C. Owen, otherwise known around Cosmic Cowgirls-land as Jumpin’ Jena Joy. TODAY we launch the The Red Key – Author Your Future – so if you are LOVING her work and up for a great adventure starting today online – come and join us where it’s already hot. LEARN MORE HERE:

This cycle of our work is about OUR SACRED stories and gathering them up from the Crossroads. In our last session, Marked by the Muse, Jena created the images you see in that amazing slideshow above. Just think – what could you create in 3 months? She boggles my mind, it’s true. But what could YOU do? Just think about it. Chew on it.

So let’s all meet our MUSE on Spring Equinox for gathering our story from the crossroads shall we? I’m in. I am priming my big ole’ paper for the new series of painting processes I will be sharing this Red Key – we will meet the Muse of Creatvity and the Muse of Mystery. I cannot wait to meet them, and introduce them to you. Rumor has it there is some general wildness and outrageousness afoot with these two characters.

It is raining hugely here. I am still in jammies, sipping coffee, loving the color green in the leaves outside my window. Loving the life I get to live and the friends I get to be with in this world. Friends like Jena Joy and Stella Mac and Effy Wild who will journey with us in the Red Key…and maybe you too.
Wherever you are

signed in green leaves,

shiloh sophia


I have been working with Jena through the cosmic creativity dimensions for about 5 years and am so HAPPY to be leading with her in projects like Red Key. JOIN TODAY

Here is a writing from Jena Joy – the Leader of the Red Key exploring one of our favorite themes around these parts – IDENTITY. It is one of my favorite words and I love it when she tears it up. Watch this.

Identity.  Such a stiff word.  Identity – I’m imagining the letters frozen like a dried mummified seahorse. Hard inflexible the letter y curled uncomfortably under. I.den.tit.y.

It’s that very experience of the rigidity of identity that I want to muse about with you. The way that we are prone to climbing into tight little boxes, too tight heels and too tight lives. Saying “I am this” “I am this role, this type of person, one of this group, I’ve always been this way. I never eat that. I couldn’t do that. I always do this,”  Identity.

The beauty of running with a wide and wildish group of women is that their “I always” and “I never” are inevitably different than yours.  What happens when you are in red thread circle with a pediatrician, a shaman, a housewife, a republican, a witch, a revolutionary, a lesbian, a scientist, a cancer survivor, a poet?    Standing in the center of that circle and turning to each one – one after the other and saying “I see you, you see me”  What do you notice about yourself?  What you having been thinking is true and what actually feels true?  Cosmic Cowgirls are self selecting – we are women who simply know that we are a part of the cosmic cowgirl tribe.  And in this diverse group there are few rules except for an honoring and tolerance for differences. What if tolerance starts with your judgements of yourself?  What if you could start letting yourself be different from what you have been trying too hard to be? I invite you to ask yourself  -What do you say “I always” to? What do you say “I never” to? And then ask – are those really something I want to claim as who I am?

īˈdentitē is defined as “the collective aspect of the set of characteristics by which a thing is definitively recognizable or known”….Definitively recognizable or known huh?  Well – the interesting thing about that is that it’s based in a relationship. Who’s doing the recognizing? Who’s saying they know you?  And what if you change everything about you?  We’re capable of seeing a tadpole turn into a frog and still calling it the same creature.  And that’s not even as outrageous as the butterfly and the caterpillar.  Aren’t the witnesses in your life -yourself first and foremost, and your friends, colleagues and maybe even family – aren’t they theoretically able to see you as the same creature even when you molt and shed and seem crazy on the way to sane?  What if your identity had plans for metamorphosis?  Which old skin, which cocoon have you been holding onto like a tattered safety blanket?  What wings or opalescent scales are ready to spread? Are you willing to expose yourself, uncover yourself?

As I’ve been percolating on the theme of identity the symbol that emerged on my canvas was an old Skeleton Key.  And my question became – what does this key unlock?  Does it release the locks that hold you to who you’ve been and the woman you’ve outgrown?  Does it unlock the whispered truth of your dreams?  Turning the lock and opening the door I’m imagining such a collection of odds and ends.  The fact that really you like bubble gum ice cream.  The way that rolling a ball of yarn feels just right.  How you’ve always wanted a song on your lips or the guitar pick in your hands.  Those certain scents that smell like home – whether they are jasmine, sweat, moss on a hot rock, or gingerbread baking. And I’m seeing maps – maybe they lead from the mountains to the ocean.  Or from the ocean to the plains.  I’m seeing laughter of course – bottled differently for everyone. I’m seeing wind in hair, dirt under nails and wetness- you’ll know what kind.  That’s the kind of dreams that I think the skeleton key unlocks.  Its a skeleton key for singing over the bones – the big dreams made up of seemingly inconsequential toe bones and knuckles.  What are the unlocked odds and ends cause your identity to unfurl?

There is a well known quote by Martha Graham which starts “There is a vitality, a life force, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique, and if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium; and be lost.”  I love this quote – of course – because my bones agree with it.  Who I am, who you are, is ridiculously precious in its uniqueness.  And the search is worthwhile. And I want to say how excited I am to be in this excavation, this singing over, with you.  The women who make up my community are a part of my bones and song. And I love each of you.

Start your journey of IDENTITY TODAY

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