my talk at the United Nations…

Here are my speech notes that informed my talk at the United Nations last week…


For over 50,000 years, images of the feminine have been sculpted, painted and created by the people in honor of what is sacred and important to them. But over the past 5,000 or more, years a dishonoring of women, family, and in particular the feminine image has been systematic, intentional, devastating. The results of this are evidenced in more crimes to the innocents than ever before.

We are an image-based people, as form, as beings, we are in-formed by image itself. Therefore our self-image is often defined by the external images we see around us. Images can be used to dominate, to sell us things we don’t need, make us think and feel we are worthless and to keep us from thinking for ourselves. The revolution we are calling for, right now, is not a fight, or a resistance, it is a revolution in how we see ourselves, and therefore define our lives. We all are in recovery from learning to be invisible. We must now choose to be visible.

What are you called to create in your life?
What is the shape of the longing within your own soul?


I wrote about my entire journey on a new blog that is a collaboration of our communities – so if you want to share it come on over and check it out – my LINKS are not working all the time in my wordpress so you might have to just type it in. I know Mercury has gone direct but my links haven’t gotten back from New York yet, I guess they are there hanging out with my muse.

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