A Note from the Impresario

IMG_1639Dear Ones,

I am sharing a note I recently received from Roberto who co-directs the gallery in Healdsburg. I started the painting method I teach with his daughters, India and Kashi back at one of my first galleries, Color of Woman Gallery in Sonoma. It is wonderful to work with those who truly understand the work and who can bring a larger context of understanding to the importance of art and its placement in society and healing. I am sitting in Cosmic Cowgirls University right now, drinking a green juice, enjoying the sunny day and putting my affairs in order for my trip to New York – heading out tomorrow. Instead of a formal press release from the gallery – this letter sums it up beautifully. Thank you Roberto. Want to meet this special man?  Come see him at the Shiloh Sophia Gallery!

Sending blessings, and holding the red thread with you,

Shiloh Sophia

A note from the Shiloh Sophia Gallery Impresario, Roberto 

Dearest Shiloh,

You started teaching my children 12 years ago when they were 8 and 11, along with master teacher and artist, Sue Hoya Sellers. They were some of your first students and, you did it every week at your Color of Woman Gallery in Sonoma for two years. You often say the work you do in the Color of Woman course started back then. Both my girls are grown and are Doctoral candidates. I am so proud of them and I do not have enough words to express my gratitude to you and Sue who guided them. You don’t know about transformation from an intellectual idea or theory, only, but through the actual process of creating art. What you do through you work is transformational and has been demonstrated over two decades.

Your life’s work is a great source of inspiration for me and thousands around the world. My heart is overflowing with joy because at your young age you have done so much. I have been privileged to know you for over twelve magical years. I have been an adviser to you and enjoyed working with you on so many fruitful projects. I now serve as Shiloh Sophia Gallery Director and Impresario. I do not make these comments lightly; nor because we are friends and work together. The genuine and authentic pride I express is and intuit is not just about you as an artist, teacher, visionary, businesswomen, poet etc…. This is not about you personally, rather my comments are about the institutions you have created and that they are designed to have impact beyond your life.

Addressing the issue of violence through art is not new, and I know it is so dear to your heart. What is new, is that you have created a technology that passes down this kind of training, the Color of Woman, that makes a true impact in the lives of women and those they love. You and your team of Cosmic Cowgirls including Mary MacDonald, have ” institutionalized ” the training methodology, train the trainer, curriculum, and practicum about something as significant as art and healing! This is monumental. The reach of which is rapidly expanding with your online courses reaching internationally.

One of the reasons this is so significant for me, is because of the fields I have worked in before coming to work with you. I have spent more than 30 years in the field of socio/conomic interventions as a public administrator in the Federal Government, in the non-profit world, I oversaw as administrator on a grant from The United States Substance Abuse Mental Health Administration
( SAMHSA) Part of United States Health Human Services Administration, and the Mental Health Research Arm of the United States Government. They funded a five year double blind study at the cost of 5m with conclusive findings findings established but most have not been implemented in any large measure. In that government and scientific realm they are called “Knowledge Development Application” (KDA’s). These grants are coveted and very prestigious in terms of double blind longitudinal studies. But there is a fundamental flaw built into this type of research. They are focused and mandated to find theoretical application and these theories and studies are among a very small study population. They find themselves in the Library of Congress , SAMHSA, etc and not in the mainstream of programs and interventions. The underlying operative term is application and, not implementation. The implementation is what is necessary to combat poverty, ignorance, suffering and all of its consequences. Violence against women and children, being the most heartbreaking. And I know this is where you have come from in your work – you often speak of training the leaders in your work – and those leaders going out and making this work real in the lives of those who need it. I wish that this work you are doing was around when I was the Director of Catholic Charities because the application of transformational education would go a long way in both personal evolution and jobs creation.

The Cosmic Cowgirls members, magazine, university, and the new collaborative project with the The Color of Woman School and The Red Thread Nation is a think tank on the issues women and their families are facing, and providing them with something REAL to do about it through working with their creative and spiritual identity. This is not just about making art, but about transforming the plague of nobodiness facing so many of our people today, especially in marginalized cultures. This work is a non- nontraditional mental health research business institution. It is also an incubator of these interventions and an implementer and catalyst. You and your team have done this without one dime of government or foundation money – you chose to do this, not as an NGO and to finance yourself what was not covered through workshops and services.  You self generated these resources as social-entrepreneurs and one day your enterprise will be a global model, and indeed it is on its way there  now with your visit to the United Nations next week. Congratulations to you, your team, your teachers and students whose dedication and hard work will change women’s lives forever. This is so and so be it.

I am so glad to represent your work and to be a part of this movement. And to work with you at Shiloh Sophia Gallery to bring your art into the world.

Con Mucha Esperanza
Roberto Gomez de Perdomo