IMG_3776Bright Lady

give us succor.

We are sore in need

of your honeyed dispensation

hold us in your great lap

of love and let us rest

a while as you tend our

tattered spirits with your

red thread of compassion.

Cover our tired bodies

with your red rose petals.

Give us succor like you

did for your tiny baby God

when he was hungry

and cried you

fed him divine milk.

You grew him to be

a being of endless love,

who taught the sacred

medicine of forgiveness.

Teach us then, how we might

love one another

beyond reason. condition.

belief. tradition. boundary.

Succor us with your milk

of human kindness.

Bright Lady

shed your brightness

into the  closed

chambers of our hearts.

I don’t know anything

of truth, my only truth

is no harm to any being,

but I do know that

I must write these prayers.



Dear Ones,

I woke this morning with this word on my lips. Succor.

I haven’t used it before and even after reading many definitions

not quite sure how to use it, so I just kinda made it up.

I kept looking for the ROOT meaning, which I thought for sure

would be, to give suck to a child. But it was more like relief or aid.

On my way to church for some spiritual SUCCOR and

then to celebrate a dear friend’s birthday.

Wishing you a most blessed day…

Shiloh Sophia