Open Me

ss-wing woman

Open me. I am your life.
This one. Right here. That’s right.
These are my pages. Feel them?
These are my windows and my doors.
They are all open for you. See?
Won’t you come inside?
There is so much I want to show you.
So much I haven’t yet revealed to you
about your own wild wisdom.
You have to open me to find out.
Enter here, where it says LOVE in big letters,
that’s the place! That is right where I am.
I am your white dove. Your high mountain.
Your golden pen. Your cloud to ride upon.
I am your river waiting for timid toes.
I am your breath waiting to exhale.
The crown that your mother made
out of leaves and berries and honor.
Don’t wait for a better day,
or to be clear or have an idea
that saves yourself or the world.
Don’t wait for a crisis to wake you from slumber.
This moment is the call to opening.
The invitation to experience the invisible knowledge,
the mystery is where the action really is afterall. You know that.
Your yes is your victory…are you listening closely?
Your name is being sung to you from inside.
You have heard the Lord say, the Kingdom of God
is within you? Do you hear and believe?
Your Queendom has an open door!
Once inside…
There is nothing I will hold back from you.
There is nothing here that does not belong to you
Nothing at all, that I will not show you how to use.
I am your rock and your soft place.
Your song. Your dance. Your winged dream.
I am the veil you wear when you pray and paint
and weave poetry out of spider web, splinter and rose petal.
I am justice embodied even when you see it not. I am.
Understand me, I am your red thread of connection.
Your pathway to the Source, to the foundation
of living waters that nourishes all of life and
lights the way through the hard to see places.
I am the invitation to the most sacred place,
the inner temple. This is where spirit lives inside. Of you.
I am your garden, and the Tree of Life inside.
Have you tasted the apples?
I am the fruit you see here, just before your eyes,
that your hand reaches for, takes and eats in splendor.
Open me in splendor.

Shiloh Sophia

photoDear Ones,

It is NEW years day and the sun is pouring through the trees. I feel grateful to walk this earth, and to live in West Marin! This year, yep, 2013 we will be working on the Tree of Life in The Red Madonna, and so I took a walk and LISTENED to the trees. They spoke to me of sustenance…of that deep listening with the ear inside the chest that RUMI speaks of.

The above writing came to me this morning in the dream state. The other day one of my fellow teachers and Color of Woman graduates, and Red Madonna Sister, Susan Rossi said that I appeared in her dream, and I asked her if she had tasted the apples. It then showed up in this writing which I share with you today, using all the words from the ten sephira in the Tree of Life Kabalah teachings.

So it is with that I will ask you – have you tasted the apples of your own life?

The doors to the Red Madonna Temple: Tree of Life 2013 are open – you can still join us today

and get access to painting videos RIGHT NOW.