Reconnection to SOURCE – Circle Call on 12/28

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Dear Ones,

You are invited to a ritual on 12/28/12 at 12pm PST (3pm EST) if you desire to reconnect to your Source, and would like to vision your 2013 from a place of connected strength, join us. I will be joined by my Mama, Caron McCloud and she will lead you through a Tree of Life Meditation to connect with your OWN Tree of Life as a source of strength.

Sometimes, life is just so crazy busy, and challenged by the day to day and the heaviness of the world, we lose our deep connection to Source, Divine Love, right at the moment we need it the most. This circle is being called as an invitation to reconnect – to make this the MOMENT in our 2012, while in a circle of women, to CHOOSE to be rooted in the Divine. In the Red Madonna Sisterhood, our work is about cultivating, exploring and maintaining this sacred connection. We know it takes time, that we set time aside, to pray, be creative, and to gather with others of like heart.

You can join me and Caron HERE to prepare for your 2013.

Reconnection to Source:
Here is what you are invited to experience
with the Red Madonna Sisterhood on 12/28/12.

  • Gather with a circle of women to connect with the heart.
  • Review your 2012 and Vision your path for 2013.
  • Participate in a Reconnection Ritual with your own Tree of Life.

    Hope you can join me – this is also a chance to learn about The Red Madonna 2013, The Tree of Life.
    with heart, Shiloh Sophia


I live inside of the awareness
that there is an everpresent flow of Divine Love
at all times, all around me.
This is the Source of my life and my substance
and even when I am not aware of it,
my Source is always aware of me
and is working for good on my behalf.
Right in this moment, in this place where I am,
this love IS. My path then as a human being
held in Divine Love
is to practice releasing my fear and
make myself available to receive and embody
this abundant grace given freely.
To have the faith to allow myself to know and feel,
that I am held in the heart of the Beloved.
To share this love when I am inspired to do so,
and also and especially when I am challenged to do so.
I count it as a gift to be able discover what my part in the
great unfolding is, and to live it to its fullness.
It is my charge, to expand my understanding of myself, and this
universe, and offer my gifts on the altar of humanity.
In these ways, I am invited to be a participant
in the life of the Divine, as the great
mystery unfolds its great story upon this earth.
It is my joy to be in wonder at all of it, and to find
the awe in falling in love with each day and this creation.
My prayer is that all beings have the experience of this love.

Shiloh Sophia