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photoIt is midnight as I am writing this and the ravens haven’t woken up yet. The whispers of the night have pricked me from sleep by stirring poetry into my sheets. Words. Sounds. Shapes. Urgency. Wake the f**k up calls that come and stir you alert.

The muse has asked me to wake and make my way to your house with two cups of tea and some red thread, needles, paint brushes and various other medicine woman kind of sundries like jars filled with promises that are waiting to be released and quills and paintbrushes… and chocolate of course. Our muses know when there is trouble afoot in the world and they want us to WAKE up and pay attention. They ask one, essential burning hot question…

How will you navigate these challenging times and stay true to your core?

This is one of the questions we will answer on 12/21/2012

I don’t know why she asks me to do such things but I know better than to question such tasks. I have poured two cups of tea, so please wake up and come to the kitchen table now because I need to talk to you about something. I hope you don’t mind I let myself in through the back door – it was cracked and someone, not sure who, had lit a candle in the window so I would know which house to come to you. Yours.

I want to talk to you about something very important. It isn’t truth, and we all know how important truth is. It isn’t love, and we all know how important love is. This conversation is more about fiction, fire and blood. Yes it has truth and love in it, but the heroine of this story is in need of something all together different. Heart Surgery. We’ll get to stitching in little bit, so you can get used to the idea. First, let’s talk. Sit down, dear, I don’t promise it will be pretty, but then pretty isn’t what we are going in after. I want to talk to you about your story. Not just the story of what happened before, although that is a part of it. I want to talk to you about your story of the future. A combination of fact, fiction and poetry is what you forge your future with. First, some surgery needs to happen.You heard me. Heart surgery. The specific artery? The dream artery. Yep, there is one. To find it you have to enter the door at the back of your heart. Once you are inside, there are things to consider… things to ponder upon, like, asking yourself, what your ‘thing’ is.

This is how the surgery is being performed after all. You didn’t know that your muse was also a surgeon? Oh yes, and a seamstress and a plumber and a carpenter and yes, of course, a poet. And an artist. This kind of work is being done through being willing to risk dreaming, and, being willing to make promises to yourself. Are you willing?

I want you to talk to me about the promises you make to yourself.
Las Promesas.

What are your Las Promesas to yourself about dreaming?
What are your Las Promesas to yourself about the future?
What are your Las Promesas to yourself about WHO you are?
Are you allowing yourself to truly and really, ponder, what you would LIKE it to look like?
What you hope it will look like? Are you willing to DARE to dream?

Sometimes when we have lost a dream, or feel it is too late, we are too old, too tired, and no longer fearless we begin to feel that the best of life is behind us and it cuts off the flow from the dream artery and does not allow the soulfires to remain lit.Then it is time for some heart surgery with red thread. Today, yes right now, it is time to reconnect the artery that goes with the DREAM of who you are. of what YOUR thing is. You are here to do your thing. Whatever else is going on, war, peace, love, demise, depression, hope, if you are in touch with what YOUR thing is, then that is what you do in all things and who you be. This is a bigger concept that it appears at first.

The CONTEXT in which you unravel your own mystery that creates the story of your life.

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