Red Thread Ritual Call today for Our Lady and YOU –


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our lady of everything

our lady of everything

precious mother

hail, ma abundant

so full of grace

blessed art thou

among all mothers  and daughters

we who know you

beyond titles and concepts

blessed is the life-giving fruit

of your tree of life womb

wholly mary-ma

mother of god

praise you

for praying for us

now and in every hour of our need

you love us with everything you are

holding us in your

eternal embrace

beloved cosmic matrix

from which i came

wrap me as a babe

in your blue robe of stars

rock me on your seat of wisdom

sing me your songs

of rose petals and justice

dance christ’s love into my bones

keep me, precious mother

cradled in your milky way

our lady of faith

may i walk the path of truth

that sets me free

teach me

how to share your love

with my earthly family

blessed be our

mother of everyone

our lady of everything


shiloh sophia mccloud 2004


Dear Ones,

As many of you know who follow my work – a relationship with the Blessed Mother is central to my heart and soul work. So sharing this call with you will be a blessing. Feel free to share with your friends too.

Shiloh Sophia