Art Opening in Marin (All Madonnas!) and Poetry Reading

Art Opening Information Here – Thursday 7-9 Fairfax Community Church 2398 Sir Francis Drake Blvd.

She Carries Us From Fear To Love

Hello Lovely Beings,

As I am perched still inside my white sheets in my white robe snuggled in, the air outside is also white. In Fall in West Marin the mornings are pure mist. Mist you can smell, feel, and dare I say, FEEL in the soul. And I am happy to be having an art show on Sir Francis Drake. I want to write a whole series of poems called, Born on the Drake, since this road is so significant for me.

This place is the place where I was conceived and born. Marin County. I moved back here a year ago to connect to my roots and I often drive by my grandparents place down the road from where I live and touch the trees they planted. There is something special about knowing that my grandfather’s hands planted those trees and my grandmother’s hands watered them. Roots I can touch.

But I didn’t start this post to write about mist and roots. I wanted to tell you that on THIS, 10/11 Thursday night from 7-9 at the Fairfax Community Church I am part of a community art show of Marin Artists. There will of course be vino for sale, and food and LIVE Jazz. I have one painting being offered in raffle, Our Lady of Gentleness, and other new paintings that are available, all Madonna paintings, which are on loan from Shiloh Sophia Gallery for this special local event. They will only be offered in this venue over the weekend before they go back to the gallery on Monday. But most of all if you just want to come and BE together, that is what is most welcome. The other artists have many gorgeous works, but I will be the Madonna artist!

I will also have the pleasure of reading my poem, She Danced, as a part of the evenings festivities and the wonderful Pastor there, Katharine Heart and her dancers are going to dance to the poem, I cannot wait for that. SO exciting. It feels good to do something local to my home, close to my roots, and in a sanctuary dedicated to creativity.

The other artists featured are Cara Brown, Marcus Uzilevsky, Eleanor Harvey, Tom Remus, Joe Kinnee and Linda Zimmerman, who will all be present! Come mingle with the creative beings of MARIN!

If you want to learn more or join me, you can let me know HERE

The above painting, She Carries Us From Fear to Love will be featured, and it was also the chosen image for the front of the postcard, I am honored! This was our painting for August in The Red Madonna.

Sending you love, and a bit of mist to go along with it…

Shiloh Sophia

OH and if you haven’t met my mom, Caron McCloud, she will be there with me. It should be a nice time.