The Journey Called Her By Name

And then one very fine morning

the journey called her by name.

No longer willing to wait for everything to be ‘in order’,

or for all the stories to line up so that they made sense.

No longer willing to allow circumstances, relationships and

alliances that do not reflect her, to rule her life.

That is why it is such a fine morning indeed.

She surrendered needing to know or be acknowledged.

She let go of needing to be healed and whole and ready.

She surrendered being right or liked or lovely.

She released her thoughts of ‘ideal life’ and

opened herself to the mystery, the often messy

and always radiant mystery, which makes no promises.

All the old promises fell away in the moment she stepped

onto that sacred path that belonged only to her.

She heard her name, and she answered with stepping out,

can you hear her YES in your own bones? I can.

(Dedicated to J.L. of B.S.F.)

Dear Bright Ones,

Today The Red Thread Cafe is live in Healdsburg, California from the Flying Goat. My latte and my cosmic journal (mac) are my allies conspiring to get me to make some new choices. NEW CHOICES AGAIN??? I cry into my ginger muffin. MUST this life require so many choices to be made on one’s behalf ALL the time?

Listen to me a minute. Where are you now? What do you love right now? What are you longing for this moment?

I long to journey.

My life didn’t turn out how I wanted or expected, and I am still learning to live into what I want to create with myself. I have no idea. I know the BEST thing in my world is Red Madonna and Red Key an Cosmic Cowgirls and Color of Woman, that is my sacred work. But there is more to me and I don’t have any words to tell you about it yet. It is my Cante Jondo, my deep song that I have to lose my voice to find.

I love this photo Francesca took of me at the Color of Woman Gathering during one of my visionary download speeches, I look at it and I really see myself somehow, the wonder. The awe. The hope. The not knowing all swirled in with the knowing.

And so right now, and for the next two weeks I am committed to DEEP SEARING SOUL SEARCHING inquiry. I know you might think I do that all the time. And I do. But how it works is that for each cycle I choose a ‘way of viewing’ my time that makes it oh so utterly fascinating. THIS next two weeks is about the path. Maybe I will see you there? I have ginger muffins. paintbrushes and many colors. tuna sandwiches. raven feathers. blank journals and red pens. and coffee in my medicine bag. Oh yes, and some red thread. Oh and a small heart shaped stone. What are you bringing?

Before I step out I have something very important to do today. I get to spend the day painting in sacred space with so many women that I love. Including my mom, Caron, Sue Hoya, and Mary MacDonald.
I know they will nourish me for the path ahead. They bring me so much strength and love and I am eternally humbled. By everything.

Me, on my knees in wide-eyed wow.


Shiloh Sophia