Art Mommy

Dear Ones,

I was so touched to spend the weekend with my Color of Woman Teacher Training and Cosmic Cowgirls tribe, and one of those who has traveled with me for many moons is Amber. Today on facebook she wrote me this…choked me up and was so grateful to get it, and to know, that this work is working. I feel so blessed to be surrounded by such powerful women – my teachers, and my students, who teach me, humble me, raise me up and honor me with their words and their paintings. To know that you “got” the privilege of working for and with others in this lifetime is such a gift.

To My Shiloh ~

You pulled me from loneliness
Into hope.
I had never painted before but
You pulled and I carved
Time out
For me.

I painted and painted.

Big ones and small ones,
Joyful and painful,
My happiness and sorrow
Laid out on canvas.Heart quaking, I Came In,
Sharing my art, my healing
One person,
At a time
Until I had Come Out
To the World.Now over 20 paintings
And prints of my paintings
Hang all over the world
In galleries,
And studios,
Bedrooms and hallways.

I am privileged to share the painting hope
That you,
My Art Mommy
Shared with me,
Pulling others
Into their light.

See her paintings and read her work here:
Here are some photos my students took of me this weekend. Yae, I grew up to be a teacher. Thank you Amber. Thank you everyone who believed in me, and in this work. Super sigh of love.
Join the community of painters – Shiloh Sophia McCloud