sheroe's journey

In whatever way

you have not been able to do what you wanted to

let it go. you can start right now. Gently.

In whatever way

you have not done what you said you would

let it go. you are forgiven.

In whatever way you still don’t believe you can do it

let it go. you can do it . you are the one to do it.

In whatever way your critic

has told you that you will never make it

let it go. you can make it.

this is what is next: making it.

you choose and define what that looks like.

In whatever way you feel

your dream has not been realized

let it go. you are right now

at the threshold of your own life. of possibility.

this life is stitched with broken and almost dreams.

just don’t say, you aren’t doing it.

whatever you do, you need to admit

you are doing it right now.

One more step and then another.

my sister and take up your walking stick

and proceed with strides confident and bold

and with the light of your heart

as your lantern to see by.

You will feel us right there

on the path beside you

even when you don’t see us.

We are there.

I am are there.

You are there.

Here I am

There you are

and it is mighty fine

to walk by your side.

So my sister —

tell me your story of calling

and I will tell you mine…

this is our sheroe’s journey

and we shall not cease

and we shall not turn back

from answering our call.

our very breath is the call.

there is no one else to be

and no where else to go.

you are the dream

realized in real time.

yes you. your form and frame

and existence is the answer

of the call from the universe.

you are your own answer

to everything.

you are the sheroe of you

own story, the shining star.

in whatever way you have

held yourself back in fear,

today that ends and the

path you are on becomes

the one you have always

wanted to call your own.

this is a choice.

make it.
shiloh sophia

Dear Ones,

I got up to be with the stars.

The ink of night pressed my fingers

into little words that wanted to come

out but couldn’t. I found this poem

and edited it, I wrote it for one of my

graduating classes of Legendary Life.

It was just what I needed. I hope it

was what you needed too.

As the sun rises now over

the hills of West Marin

I breath in the knowledge that yes,

our path is our path. The only

difference of being on a path or

not on a path, is admitting that you are on

one or not. If you are willing to claim it.

Interesting. Very. Very Interesting.

Sending you so much love

and whisps of morning sun through

oak leaves,

Shiloh Sophia