Join me for LIVE MUSIC from HAVANA, CUBA next Saturday Night!

Live Cuban Band Tradisón Comes to Healdsburg, California
for ONE NIGHT ONLY on August 25, 2012 at 7:30pm
at the Raven Theater
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Dear Ones,

I am so excited for this weekend. This is what art and collaboration are all about. When I TUNE into my heart and realize that in just seven days I will be in the company of LIVE CUBAN musicians sharing some of my favorite sounds, I feel like jumping for joy and bowing in gratitude. Thanks to the brilliant (and dashing) Impresario at Shiloh Sophia Gallery, Roberto Gomez de Perdomo, we have collaborated with the Latin American Museum of Art in Long Beach and the Cosmic Cowgirls to bring you A NIGHT IN HAVANA.

Join us in this rare official United States and Cultural event from Cuba. Do you love Cuban music but have never had the chance to see and hear the real thing? You do not want to miss this opportunity! The group, Tradison are the heirs to the mantle of the Buena Social Club playing traditional music from the 30’s to the 40’s.

Opportunities like this are rare…getting the Visas was a miracle. This is such a gift to the Unites States and Healdsburg and our chance to show the musicians of CUBA how much we love them and have been APPRECIATING the music they bring into the world.

Hoping to see you there, be sure to wear a flower in your hair…Time for the first cup of coffee and by the pool. I have been wearing gardenias in my hair for days getting ready for this. “dos gardenisa para ti”

Signed in song,

Shiloh Sophia

Get Your Ticket NOW

Order online at Brown Paper Tickets

“Bella Cuba, la Perla del Caribe, so close and yet so far away.” Cuba has been isolated for decades by politics, language, ideology, and misunderstanding. A Night in Havana will be infused with the sweet and moving music of Cuba which will go right into our hearts. We will experience the intoxication of love through this magical music which exudes and evokes joy, thoughtfulness, playfulness and promises of happier times.

This event is expected to sell out – so don’t delay and miss the chance of a lifetime. A Night in Havana is produced and presented by De Perdomo Productions in Collaboration with the Latin American Museum of Art in Long Beach California and The Shiloh Sophia Gallery in Healdsurg, California and in Association with Cosmic Cowgirls University International.

For more information:

Roberto Gómez de Perdomo the Executive Producer at Shiloh Sophia Gallery
at 707-318-8189 or email