Paint Our Lady of the Red Thread with me right now…

Dear Ones,

This month we journey into the landscape of the heart, moving through fear to love. If you want to journey with us online, to paint, the painting above is the guide, with over 22 videos that include ritual, prayers, healing, visioning, rebirthing….Come….

Want to try it out? The journey asks that you join us for a year, because we are an ongoing membership community of women, and we are serious about this being our work, but if after a month it is not what you want to do – then you can just request to not continue… the question is do you want to paint your own LADY of the Red Thread this August?

With heart,

Shiloh Sophia

Our Lady of the Red Thread

Our Lady of the Red Thread

According to thy Wisdom

Open the doors that need to open.

Close the doors that need to close.

Mend that which needs mending.

Let loose what needs letting loose.

Show us the pathway through the tangle.

And lead us not to where we need not go.

Remind us to keep opening our hearts.

And to keep them open during hard times.

Make faith to shine like a light in our minds.

And keep us from stumbling, too long, in darkness.