Share a glass of wine with me and one of my bffs, TONIGHT!

Come Tonight – or call in!

Greetings lovely beings,

In case you haven’t heard

there is a happening in my art studio tonight.

Watch the invitation HERE

The Cosmic Cowgirls and I are THRILLED

to host none other than the Queen of Self Love,

Christine Arylo, who also happens to be one

of my bestest bffs. The kind where we braid

eachother’s hair and paint our toenails and drink

too much wine. When we do drink too much

she becomes a fairy rockstar and I become

a cosmic punkrocker. So you might consider

joining us for a glass of vino – although the plan

is not to get smashed, but get LIT up, because

it is called WINE AND THE DIVINE. Christine’s

connection with spirit will take us into the

realm of the holy and happy.

Wanna come? Live or on the phone

Signed in red wine, ok, it’s still morning, so signed in coffee…
Shiloh Sophia