Cup of Sweetness

Come drink the cup of sweetness

come feast with the alchemists

who know as well as you do that the grail

is filled with sorrow and love.

These are those who choose

to drink no matter what it costs them.

How it cleanses! How it heals!

Love is the purification.

How it turns and hollows us

how it spins and shapes us

how it fills and overflows us

how effulgent the fruits thereof

how buoyant, fragrant, intoxicating!

This love

strengthens us when we falter,

finds us when we are lost

and opens the door to possibility.

This love

sends us forth with courage.

This love

is the teacher and the student

and both ask the question

are you the cup, or the sweetness inside?

If you cannot answer “both”

then drink anyway

you will learn to be both empty and full

from the rest of us wild ones.

Shiloh Sophia