Holy Rattle and Hum

Oh Holy Ghost!

I call for the Holy Ghost revival

in the tent of my heart.

Bring the tamborines

sprinkle the rose petals on the path

let me and my sisters come forth

shouting HALLELUJAH!

The place inside where

the long shadow has cast it’s mark

is ready to be illuminated

from the back of the heart

Holy Spirit. Holy Breath. Ruach.

Light my soulfire with your tongues of fire

with the rattle and hum of the Holy Ghost revival

in the tent of my heart

Unloose the devils of the past and send them

back where they came from

Pour holy water over my hair

Anoint my head with oil

I lean into the tree of life to find you.

Yes please,

prepare a table before me

and I will ready myself for the feast

my cup called: YES, it runneth over

out of the gate called beautiful

I rose up from my crouching too long

lowered on my haunches but I heard it,

I heard the sound

of music and began to dance

and feel that rattle and hum

come through the back door of

my heart and so began

the Holy Ghost revival in me!