stop. drop. savor.

savor the spaces between the spaces
savor each 5 minutes where there is nothing you have to do
stop, put down the vice or device
and turn your face to the sun
you are alive. this is enough right now.
each taste, smell, sight, sound, feeling, let it in
savor the love there is
in the soft space in your belly
savor the extra inch of rib you find
when you stretch
savor that you have fingers and toes
and that you can read these words.
savor me. I savor you.
love what you can love.
I know there is so much unlovableness here on earth
but there is also so much unbearable beauty, right?
stop. drop. savor.
this is our choice.
this is our opening to aliveness and wonder.
savor what you can savor with me.
I am here with you along side
the mountains that need to move
and also here in this cup of
sweet angel coffee on the deck.
Love is here.
stop. drop. savor.
love you