Story Painting Weekend – August 25 & 26, 2012 in Healdsburg, California

Are you ready to craft a new story in color, texture, paint and possibility?
Spend a weekend in wine country with wild women throwing glitter around?
Wear flowers in our hair like Frida and learn how to transform pain into beauty?
How about dance to a live band from Cuba and then a girls night out?
Learn a BRAND new intuitive painting technique called story painting?

Spend the weekend with Shiloh Sophia, Jenafer Joy, Stella Mac, Sue Hoya and the Cosmic Cowgirls celebrating yourself as a creative being inspired by the work of Frida Kahlo.

Our inspiration will be the legendary painter, writer, visionary Frida Kahlo who forged a path in the history of painting that opened up a whole new way of seeing and creating. Frida Kahlo was a women who KNEW how to transform her pain through her creativity into images of provoking beauty. Through working with her as ARCHETYPE and MUSE and connecting with our own muse, we will work with our stories of our past and weave our legends of the future.

This is an in-person weekend for the online Red Key project in collaboration with Shiloh Sophia Gallery and Cosmic Cowgirls University.

If you are ready to transform your story into a possibility, the deposit is only $50 COME PAINT WITH US

If you have been longing to express yourself through color and image, this is one of only TWO in person weekends in 2012, you don’ t want to miss it! JOIN US

Painting Your Possibilities

At Cosmic Cowgirls University, we are provoked and inspired by Frida’s style and vision and are inviting you to come and enjoy the Feast with Fridah Weekend. Our work this weekend is an invitation to create a new story for your life through painting that story in image, word and symbol so that it becomes of an icon of what is possible for you. If you have gone through tough times, and are ready to bring that forth and transform it through art and the heart then this is for you.

People at all levels are invited to come, and everyone will leave with a painting that documents a part of their story. No painting experience is necessary. We promise.


  • You will create a painting inspired by the narrative style of Frida Kahlo’s paintings.
  • Learn Shiloh’s step by step method of story painting (her new process!)
  • Work with Jenafer Joy in re-weaving the context of your story
  • Work with Sue Hoya on development of your personal symbols
  • Attend the Stella Mac show and be in conversation about your BRIGHT future.
  • Through visionary imagination access your internal story and transform it into a personal legend.
  • Learn the basics of acrylic painting on canvas from the Color of Woman Method
  • Experience a deep connection with your personal symbols, artifacts, and inner guidance system.
  • Have the pleasure of working with the Cosmic Cowgirls University teachers
  • Expand your awareness of how to use your external environment for stimulus in your creative practice and how it relates to your internal landscape.
  • Develop techniques you can take home with you that give you access to painting from the soul.
  • Lets Play Dress up! We’re inviting everyone to wear bright colors and we’ll be doing face painting and putting flowers in our hair.

Come Paint Your Story With Us!

Shiloh’s new story painting process is a combination of using your current story to create a story of the future and bring it into the painting symbolically, so that the painting itself is a pathway or icon to that story that you want to create.

Narrative painting means simply a painting that tells a story. In this process you discover parts of your story that have been painful, those you wish to transform, and that which you wish to call into being.

This is a rare opportunity to join Shiloh Sophia for an in-person weekend of painting.

Have you been wanting to let your WILD ARTIST SELF come to life?

ARE YOU A FAN of the provoking images of Frida Kahlo?

Would you like to spend the weekend with a group of VISIONARY WOMEN painting in Sonoma County?

How would you like to DANCE TO THE MUSIC of Cuba from a live band?

View some of Frida Kahlo’s work in this amazing style!

Join the Feast!

We will provide all painting materials as well as coffee, tea, chocolate and tequila.

The Feast

For lunch on Saturday and Sunday we’ll be creating a potluck feast together. They are nearby markets where you can prepare a delicious Spanish or Cuban dish in advance.

A Night in Havana

On Saturday evening, after our first full day of painting, you can join us at the Raven Theater for “A Night in Havana.” We are so blessed to be collaborating with Shiloh Sophia Gallery, Cosmic Day Prodomo Productions and the Latin Museum of Art to bring you this event. Live music will be provided by Cuban quintent Tradision. We will be inviting the painting students to be on staff at the Raven theater with us.

Rave Reviews

“Thank you Shiloh so much for the painting class! I feel like I really learned a lot in one day. I really hope I am able to do more classes in the future. I feel like you have given me some really useful “tools” to begin my journey of painting and expressing my creative soul. I really appreciate your time and I appreciate you and your beautiful art. Thank you for being you, and thank you for your inspiration. The world is truly a more beautiful place because you are in it! Sincerely, and with love…… Andi Crane”

“I had a great desire to paint an image of the Goddess Sophia whom I met in guided hypnosis. So it is with this glee that I embarked upon my first painting class ever titled “Painting the Sacred Feminine”. My vision was steadfast to have a kind of etheric feeling and I was encouraged to apply only as many of the myriad of techniques that were being shared as appropriate to my vision. This made my painting a spiritual experience. I am so inspired from this workshop that I have painted at home after 20 years of carrying around paints and not knowing where to start. Thank you Shiloh Sophia for a marvelous womens painting workshop. I look forward to more. Namaste – Devamarga”

ABOUT OUR Cosmic Cowgirls University Teachers

Shiloh Sophia McCloud is a visionary artist author and teacher as well as a revolutionary entrepreneur and publisher. As a leader in the intentional creativity movement Shiloh champions the importance of self expression for every person and lives her philosophy that all art forms are tools for individual, social and spiritual transformation.Shiloh has owned galleries for over twelve years, and made over two million dollars in the sales of her art. Her original paintings are internationally collected and her product line is represented at galleries and fine shops throughout the United States. In addition to an extensive line of original sacred art and prints, Shiloh has published over seven books as well as creativity journals, visionary cards and offerings of her writings

Thousands of women have deepened in their creative practice through Shiloh’s illustrated Color of Woman journals and by participating in her revolutionary creativity workshops and mentorships. Shiloh is the founder of Cosmic Cowgirls, a member run woman and girl owned university and publishing house, actively manifesting her lifelong mission to inspire a creativity movement and provide a platform for voices for transformation to be expressed and shared, promoting a vision of wellness, compassion and empowerment for women and girls.

Cosmic Cowgirls teaches class on campus as well as online in classes ranging from visionary business, to painting as sacred practice, to mermaid tea parties, to summer camps for girls. The emphasis of Shiloh’s teachings reside in creativity as a healing tool, the activation of right brain left brain, the cultivation of self honor, self expression, and the work of exploring identity. Shiloh, also called the Art Doctor and Minister of Sacred arts and has dedicated the past sixteen years of her life to the study and practice of art as a spiritual discipline. Shiloh lives in the beautiful wine country of Sonoma County. What you might like to know about her is that she loves red cowgirl boots and to have long conversations over a cup of tea. That she is passionate about people learning to think for themselves and is a revolutionary at heart!

Mary MacDonald, aka StellaMac, is the Countess of Curiosity and the Queen of Questions whose Muse prods, cajoles and believes in her without condition. StellaMac gives new meaning to the word versatile. For the past 30 years she has boldly gone forth in the not-for-profit, artistic, educational and for profit worlds where she has used her extraordinary relationship building skills to achieve success for her clients in marketing, fundraising, public relations, communications, training and development, and editing and writing.

She is now working in California as a teacher, coach and consultant. Mary is passionate about innovative education and business through the lens of a feminine paradigm that incorporates creativity, story telling and conversation. As a Consultant for the past six years in Canada and the United States, Mary is an expert at supporting individuals and organizations in achieving their goals in a way that is uniquely them. Mary is the Director of our Cosmic Cowgirls tribe where she gleefully applauds the reverent and the irreverent existing side by side. She is proud to count herself among the revolutionaries creating opportunities for women and girls to transform their lives through publishing healing journals and transformational teaching at Cosmic Cowgirls University.

You can find StellaMac at

The enthusiastic Jenafer Joy is CCU Director and NING site support extraordinaire! Known in the straight-faced world as Jenafer C Lindh, Jenafer Joy began her Art Career with dualing backgrounds in Alchemical Acupuncture & Chaos Transformation (otherwise known as Accounting). She is now convinced that Artista is the “A” career she was always looking for. Jena is sole proprietress of Allaya Arts, a healing and creative arts business, and has created & taught Inspired Inquiry courses on accessing your unique creative spirit since 2003. She believes passionately in individual genius, in the innate wisdom of the body, and in the transformative power of mythic context.

Jenafer Joy is delighted to have joined the staff of the Cosmic Cowgirl University in 2010 as “The Starbase Wrangler” charged with the task of ensuring the CCU internet site courses are both intuitive & inspirational. Away from the Cosmic Starbases, when she isn’t covered from head to toe in paint, strumming guitar, or filling the cookie jar for those she loves, Jena is currently enjoying completing her most recent Inspired Inquiry workbooks: “Faces of the Moon” and “Riding the Cycle of Creation.” Jenafer Joy lives and teaches in Mendocino County.