Blessings for Dia del Padre

Blessings this day to all families who together have chosen to call in life.
Blessings this day to all men who have said yes to
Fathering whether that be a blood child or a heart child.
Blessings this day to the Great Spirit Father who nurtures us
always even when we don’t feel like He is, He is.
Blessings this day to all children, lucky enough to call a man, daddy.
Blessings this day to all children,
who have had no one to call on when they needed him.
Blessings this day to all women who walk side by side with the man they call beloved,
and father to their children.
Blessings this day to all creatures great and small who make up this gorgeous earth.
Blessings this day to the love we have for all men,
may our hearts know and share this love freely.
And yes, please call your Daddy if you have one still on this earth –
he made it possible for you to live.
And yes, please, if he is no longer here, write him a note and tell him.
Today is a day of forgiveness.
And if your father was a man not worthy of your words, or your love,
then ask Great Spirit how to be inside of this day.
It is not always easy here on earth to be who we wish we could be. This we know.
Compassion is called for. Release is called for.
Love is called for.
Thank you to all men, who, beyond the challenges of life, showed up for their babies.
And for the men who wanted to be daddies, but haven’t yet – keep looking for the place that your love belongs.
And to all those Cosmic Cowboys who love the women in my community – from me, thank you.
Thank you.
Shiloh Sophia

Thank you dad for giving me life.

Greg Scott Davis. You can see our photo and share this writing easily to your own page on facebook