Yanking On Your Calling

Yanking On Your Calling


You think answering a call is peaceful?

You think taking something from the unmanifest

to the manifest flows easily?

Ease and grace?


It has never been so.

At least not as

a constant.


All the moments of ease and grace you have

experienced in your life make

this moment even possible.


Callings, like birth, are messy,

bloody, hard, screaming out in pain hard.


Just because it is messy bloody hard and

doesn’t mean it’s bad.


Yanking something from the stardust

and shaping a golden cup of hope

is the work of warriors

not the work of those not ready for the

long haul of manifestation. But if you

do not make the cup there will be

nowhere for the abundance

to collect in THIS realm.


Callings need to

answered. Yell after it.

Scream into the

dark after it. Don’t let it go. Find the tail

and pull as hard as you can until the animal

called YOUR WORK comes through that

cosmic portal onto your drawing room floor

squirming with life and begging

to be expressed.


Don’t expect so much.

Don’t expect so little.

Don’t wait so long.

Don’t stop reaching no matter what.

Don’t listen to anything here that does not ring true for you.


Do listen to your heart.

Do listen to your inner tugs.

Do look for the divine sprarks to light up.

Do find where the pain still lives.

Do find where the light wants to shine.

Do call out to your calling

as if your life depended on it.

Because it does.

Shiloh Sophia