RADIO: Tea With Revolutionaries

Listen to The Red Key Conversation: Entering Dangerous Territory with Shiloh Sophia, Stella Mac and Jenafer Joy from The Cosmic Cowgirls

Dangerous Territory


We are a tribe of truth tellers.

Revolution makers.

Movers and shakers

of things that need moving

and shaking. Like hips.

And old ideas that need

shaking off.


We are a gathering of women who

straddle the worlds.

We have one bare foot on the earth

(toenails painted sparkly of course)

and one cowgirl boot in the marketplace of life.

With our heads in the stars for big dreaming

and our arms outstretched

to embrace as much aliveness as we can.

We have our hearts on our sleeves, both of them.

Whether we be sinners or saints

or wear halos or horns there is

one thing you have to admit about us….


We think for ourselves.


There is never a something better

than the you that is you.


Here, where the Cosmic Cowgirls

reign, we agree:


Be the most you that you can be.


Whoever that is for you – and

we, the sisterhood of the cosmos,

will hold your hand

as you molt on the dance floor of life.

Then we will clean up the first layer of

your skins and feathers for you

and most likely we will hoot and holler

for you — or meditate quietly — or

beat the drum. You choose your own

rites of passage around here.


We believe this truth to be self evident:

That the pursuit of identity

is essential to the quality of our aliveness.

That each woman can transform

her life into a legend.

That stories are made for telling

around the campfire,

but legends are meant to be lived.

And sisterhoods are meant to

be your bridge when you don’t know

the way over the troubled water of

the lies you have been told

and tell yourself still.

Legends are not hatched. They

are concocted. Brewed. Stitched.

Woven together with time, friendship

red thread and spit, blood and tears.