Particle Prayermaking

Particle Prayermaking

Right at the edge of myself

the place where I end

and you begin,

right there in between

the particles we are

there is another place

A place between places

a space between spaces

where spirit and matter

meet and where the miracles

that could be are within

our reach if we knew to reach

What are the thoughts

we haven’t thought yet?

The ideas of our

consciousness that although

we have access to,
we don’t know quite

how to get into that field

where so much light

becomes available

and we can see into

the places we could

not see into just moments before

This field of possibility

is where the angels

extend their wings

and where stardust lingers

and we have a sense that

it is here. Right now.

The divine intersecting

with the human

In the dry mouthed murmurs

in the storyweaving hands

in the illustrations that draw themselves

in the unsung songs humming

in the dance that moves you inside

in the breath that breathes you

in the image that frees you

in the language of the soul

in the unseen key turning

in the invisible lock floating

in the downloading downline

where the ides stream in

in the hopeful inquiry

that is willing to ask questions

without answers and be content

in the wounded heart opening

inside the whole human being

called me. called you. called us

We are

You are

The Beloved is.

I will meet you there.

Because there is no place

that I would rather be

than beside you

particle prayermaking

in the space between


When we go back to our

daily chores, after visiting

that realm and are renewed

our faces sparkle with

stardust and our

family wonders where we’ve

been even though

we didn’t even appear

to leave the kitchen

and the salty dough is still

being kneaded in our

capable hands.