Happy Feast Day – Black Madonna slideshow of my painting process!

One Who Shows the Way
The Black Madonna of Czestochowa

Today we celebrate the Feast Day of Our Lady of Czestochowa, The Black Madonna.

Dear Ones,
I write to you today from the Red Thread Cafe. The day is filled with mist and mystery and I am about to go for a long afternoon walk, I am sure with weather like this, there has to be a rainbow somewhere….

Yesterday I finished a step by step painting series inspired by her image, and this is the slideshow! I make new videos for new Madonna’s every single month and today is her feast day, May 3. I did something different this time, I did it with no audio – wow! I have been wanting to try one like that to share with other languages and the deaf community – and I have finally done it – I hope to share a dvd of it soon!

Our Red Madonna creative spiritual community of women is ongoing, so if that sounds good to you – come paint and pray with us.

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Will you light a candle in her honor tonight? I will.

With Heart,

Shiloh Sophia