Dear Ones, Here is what I wrote for the Cosmic Cowgirls Magazine today on wonder, and there is a link to a free class called Live Like You are Living!

Cosmic Cowgirls Magazine

I wonder what the thought is that I haven’t thought yet.

I ask myself this question almost every day. It is how I get ACCESS to my own information. How I enter the part of my conscious and unconscious self to get TO the very places I know need to be illumined to have a wonder-filled life. I am in love with wonder – living a life where aliveness, wonder and creativity reign – this is my choice. But will I choose it? Yes. I have to.  Poets and artists eat wonder butter spread onto toast with jam with morning tea. It’s how we create. It’s where we create from. It is the spaces between the spaces where our own original genius can emerge.

Here at the Red Thread Cafe – today is all about WONDER and I am inviting you to wonder along with me. You…

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