Be in love with the day

Be in love with the day

do you know how to be in love with the day?
how to listen to the language of the moss
and what her message is to her love the tree?
do you know how to follow the narrow trail of the deer
to a wooded stream where God dwells?
do you know how to make kisses into medicine
for healing wounded souls?
do you know how to breath the ocean
so that it makes you believe again?
do you know that you are a part of the great
weave of the universe?
the one that our blessed mother is
knitting us into.
each move we make she knits in
and finds a way to make it beautiful, in time.
and since there is so much brokenness
and so much imperfection
is it possible to live in wonder at the day’s light?
do you know how to listen, really listen
to the raven’s call as you walk down
the road you have walked all your life
and find it new?
do you know happy the daffodils are
on that hill over there?
do you know how happy it makes me
to feel wanted? to feel seen and known?
do you know how a woman dies inside
when she is not ‘beheld’
not just looked up on but
do you know that difference?
do you know how to love in between
the rough places and the particles of magic?
do you know how to rub the small of my back
when we dance late into the night
and make me light upon my own feet.
you make the red clay of me like dove feathers.
do you know who you are, even?
you won’t let me see you
and so I don’t know if you even see yourself.
but I want to know
do you know how to fall in love with the day,
not just any day,
but this day. this very day?
I know how to fall in love with the day
I am daughter of a poet and a mystic and an artist
and to me the day must become our lover
or we will lose our trail
and the mist will no longer part for us
and the winds will cover the path
that was open for us for just a bright moment
in time.
oh fall in love with the day.
I can show you
but it is only something you can do.
open your eyes and your ears
spread out your palms and flare your nostrils
and open that heart of yours
so covered over with vines
I will tenderly pull them away if you will let me.
and together we can fall in love with this moment.
oh let us fall in love with the day
and with the divine light
casting brilliance upon your upturned face.
let us behold god’s creation
as it was intended to be,
in wonder.

for L.R.M

I just went for a lovely walk in west marin where my grandparents lived when I was young – and my grandmother used to call me with the first daffodil — this is the first daffodil…I felt connected to her and to love when I saw this…and came home to pour my heart out like poets must.

Shiloh Sophia