Paint with me tonight? Follow the progress of my painting over the next 24 hours

Dear Ones,

It is my first weekend off in many moons and all I want to do is paint and write. And I have decided on my artist date project – to paint Muse Rose Red, my very own muse self portrait. I will be posting my progress on facebook if you would like to watch as the photos and steps unfold throughout the next 24 hours. Muse Rose Red

Here we go…

1. Open a bottle of red wine. 2. light candles and pray 3. sprinkle holy water and apply paint. If you want to watch I will do my best to keep posting over the next 24 hours… You with me?

And you can paint with me if you want to…and if you are really inspired to join me you can start with over 20 painting videos right now over on where 80 other women are painting and praying with me daily…

Our life is our art,

is it not?

Let’s create it together.

Dedicated to the “S” in the Stardust what lights up my heart…

what lights your heart?