Tonight at midnight the doors open…

Dear Ones,

The Red Madonna starts tonight at midnight and I am so excited to have a whole year in which I KNOW I will be working with my own sacred practice and guiding and encouraging a whole community of women to choose their own practices through creativity, prayer, paint and possibility. If you want to come…there is still time to get there when the doors open. It is a yearlong community experience that you can pay for monthly. I shaking in my red cowgirl boots.
Blessed Solstice to you. I am READY for the return of the light!


Red Madonna

Have you heard her voice in your heart?

The hidden feminine is coming to light in the world and inside of us.

And with Her, She brings all the ways She has never been truly hidden from us.

Our work now is to let Her into the cave of our hearts.

Pilgrimage with me to Her sacred lands and broken hearted valleys.

Take up your walking stick and your medicine bag and gather with me

Her symbols and signs of healing, transformation and insight.

The alchemy of Her presence awakens within us and she reweaves
that which has been lost and fragmented with the red threads hem of Her garment

so that we can live in the heart of gold instead of the heart of sorrow.

Journeying with the Red Madonna is pilgrimage home to remothering ourselves.