Broken Thresholds

Strands of colored light

were strung between my heart and yours

and I followed the pattern of sprinkled light

right to your door.

You let me in because you saw

the light under the door of your heart.

I can see those colors twinkling between

the poetry and reality of us.

The quality of a sun dappled morning.

Little songs with no words we sang

and soft clucking sounds only doves can hear

things which cannot be seen in the flesh

ring my soul like bell

that vibrate the universe

with tears of longing – and yes despair.

There is a rip in the veil

that let your stars come through

but now they are gone

and the black hole where

you were has swallowed my breath

leaving my body to move


The bumble bees that

made you honey are no longer

buzzing and have gone

to some other hive

and the honey on my tongue

lingers and has the color of

sunlight on wet skin

and as much as I wish it would go

its bitter sweetness

catches me unawares

and the lights of you land on my

hands like jewels of love

I will never wear again.

Sitting in the unkissed

dusk of us I understand

those of us who travel

between the worlds

carry the burden of light

across broken thresholds

and sometimes we don’t

get to know why.

We just must go on

moving in light

even when darkness

presses the edges of our hearts

into shapes that

have no human name.