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My Dear Red Thread Friends,

You’re invited to a powerful conversation I am having with two of my girlfriends, who also happen to be my coaches, Amy Ahlers and Christine Arylo.

This call is created especially for people ready to have 2012 be THE YEAR you live your vision – not just talk about it or try to squeeze it in on the weekends or struggle daily to make it all work!  But actually live it everyday – giving your GREAT WORK and living your GREAT LIFE!

Imagine 2012 being that kind of GREAT YEAR for you!

Activate YOUR VISION! Be here… December 7th @ Noon PT.YES! I am there

Today, along with the other two spiritually and creatively powerful women leaders co-leading this call with me – Amy Ahlers and Christine Arylo – I am living my visions and delivering my message and Great Work into the world.

And we are inviting YOU into a tribe of GREAT WOMEN ready to do the same!

Because as we go into 2012, living anything but your vision, doing anything less than your Great Work just isn’t something you can afford any longer…

It’s time to take a STAND for your highest calling!

If you’re unable to make the live call, we’ll also be sending out a recording, so you can listen in at any time! Go here now to receive your unique call in number))

If you are ready to make your life’s vision a reality, then join us for this dynamic call, a ritual of activating your Life Vision into form…

You’ll leave this call with an invitation to take immediate action on behalf of LIVING YOUR VISION


  • Why it’s so hard to manifest into physical form the vision and passion you feel in your heart and see in your soul… you are not alone.
  • What support you really need to live a life where you are giving your gifts and receiving abundance… the


  • A guided visualization through the golden door of your ‘Great Work’ to discover the missing pieces you need for 2012 to bring in your life vision.


  • A working description of your VISION, instead of continuing to tell yourself Big Fat Lies like “I don’t know what my work is” or “I don’t know how to get my work and message into the world.”


  • Leave the call with your 4 most essential co-creative go forwards, bringing you closer to taking a STAND and declaring the Truth:

“I am living my vision.”

“I am giving my Great Work.”

“I am receiving the life I’ve always dreamt of.”

This is too juicy to be missed!I’m ready to live my Great Work

If you are ready, are here! See you on the 7th.

With love,

Shiloh, Christine and Amy

On a mission to serve Great Women ready for Great Lives

This call on the 7th is more than a call, it is an activation ritual – can you hear us knocking on your door? Open up and say YES! I will be there!