Transforming Pain

3 Practices for Moving On and Transforming Pain Into Possibility

Dear Ones,

The sun is shining and I have made myself a cup of tea. I will now go out on my deck for my morning ritual and reading of Dr. Estes new book, Untie The Strong Woman. I don’t know about you but I know when I need to MOVE ON I need to do something physical, a rights of passage to MARK the change in my life. Here are a few things me and my homegirls do as needed.

The Healing Fire of the Heart

Write everything down that hurts you. Write it from the perspective of your heart, as if your heart had the pen. Do it by hand not on the computer. Each separate hurt goes on a different scrap of paper. When done put in box or basket overnight. Add some flower petals. The next day light a candle, read them out loud then burn them one by one outside. When you burn it, acknowledge that you are now moving these hurts to their next destination – hopefully out of the pain position and into a releasing pain position. You may or may not experience immediate relief. But practice feeling it anyway. Give thanks. And then…as time goes on, remember that you did this when you are tempted to conjure up these old hurts.

An Altar to Transform the Past

Build an altar for transformation for your past stories. Pick objects or write words that represent the sufferings and stories. Let them stay on the altar for 3 days. Each day revisit the items and their meanings – pick each one up and retell yourself the stories as if this time will be the last one. You can do this as many days as you want to but I suggest 3 since there is a beginning, middle and an end. Then clean the altar of the stories one by one, making a declaration of healing and moving on for each object – and clearing the energy of the object.

This can also be done with stones or branches or other items you can return to the earth. Then reset with what the story or legend of you that you are creating now – but sparsely. Then each day for a week add a new item until if feels like you have reached a place of healing and are ready to take steps on creating your new story.

Water of Self Forgiveness

Go for a long walk. Along the way find objects like stones and twigs and flowers that represent something you need to be forgiven for or that you feel you need to forgive yourself for. For your first time pick about 5 things as you can always do this again. When you return home, get a large bowl of water. Light candles and turn on some music, chanting or opera are good. Pray over the water that is holding the space of your forgiveness and purification. With each object call to mind that story – that place you are in need of forgiving yourself.

If you are open to it, believe that this work you are doing is assisted and made possible – by Creator. Allow yourself the time to share into the space, out loud if possible or in your heart if not each and every thought or emotion you have associated with that particular event. Then put it into the water – touching the water with your hand – and releasing that story and asking for forgiveness for that. Then empty that water into the earth with prayer and thanksgiving.

Blessings to each of you!

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