What is the big fat lie you keep telling yourself about not calling your own circle? Join us tonight!

I want to know - what lie are you telling YOURSELF about why you haven't launched your own workshop, circle, coaching practice?

Dear Ones,

What is the big fat lie you keep telling yourself about you? About your body? About your work? About your money? And what about your community? And in particular is there one you are telling yourself about WHY you are not stepping into your leadership? Calling your circle? Tonight we are gonna ‘get busy’ on the lies women tell themselves about not using their power to gather community or be a leader in their community. Join Stella Mac and I tonight for a conversation with Amy Ahlers. 

Yesterday I had such a powerful conversation with this woman I am proud to call GIRLFRIEND and COACH. Not just any coach, but the WAKE UP CALL COACH – Amy Ahlers. I have known Amy for just a little over a year now and I gotta say how blessed I feel to have this woman in my life. When you hear her speak tonight on our call, Gather The Women, you will know why – join us for free here. SO MANY women know they are called to lead, to gather the women, to open the door to their leadership and don’t do it. Why? What are the lies we tell ourselves about WHY we don’t do that and how can we get through them. TONIGHT we invite you to step through the door into YOUR LEADERSHIP. And  if you cannot be on the call you can get the recording – just sign up to listen. You can download and listen lata’. I love for these calls to be activations towards something – not JUST a conversation but an invitation to OPEN THE DOOR to your work.

AND while we are talking about powerful women like AMY gathering her tribe, you wanna get in an awesome telesummit too — as it features 21 experts Exposing their own big fat lies – and how to transform them into the truths –  it starts on October 10 and it is free so honest to goodness this is so incredibly cool. To hear folks WHO HAVE done the work and called their tribe and are making 6 figures tell the dirt on how they continue to stop themselves!

Amy Ahlers is the coach who helped me define my work, work with me to see how I wasn’t living my potential and launch my BLOOMING ARTIST program. I could NOT have done it without her and now we work together on events for women, including the 4th Annual Bountiful Conference, called Receive that we are producing with Christine Arylo who introduced us at Madly in Love with me!  Amy just came out with her first book, BIG FAT LIES – Women Tell Themselves and is having a FREE Tele-SUMMIT with 21 incredible women visionaries, luminaries, entrepreneurs, thinkers, artists and a few great men are in there too. Top leaders are sharing the lies they tell themselves – juicy and illuminating.

I get to be one of the women that teaches in the Summit – with of course my focus being on AUTHENTICITY as it regards to our creative expression. We couldn’t help but get into the challenges women face with self image – and how to transform negative self image through creativity. And you get to hear me, who claims to have such a little critic, and I do. But she has a big fat lie she never lets go to sleep and you can hear it from my own lips….and how I deal with it. Anyway it is totally free, and starts October 10 and I wanted you to know about it and I promised I would share it with my community so come on over and get the juice, the dirt, and the whole truth and nothing but.

I quit coffee again yesterday. So me and matte are making friends but there is nothing like coffee. For me it replaced mother’s milk as I nursed until I was like, four – is that right mom? Maybe three.  OH!! Santiago just came in from the rainy morning and jumped on my lap and became as heavy as he could be — when I tried to take him off he dug his claws into my robe – and…he is WET!! As many of you know I was in LA until yesterday and I am back home now and so happy to be with my Stella Mac and my kitty.

Stay tuned cuz next week on my blog will begin a five week sharing from my own Mama….about you guessed it. Me.

One of the reasons I love my job is because I get to do the coolest things – like talk to other women about things like big fat lies, and how to call our tribes together, photos like the one at the right with my homegirls from Healdsburg remind me of how blessed I feel to be IN my community – and the truth is that I started calling them together over ten years ago…I knew how essential it was to my heart, soul, and to working together as women entrepreneurs. So get your cup of tea and join us for another Red Thread Cafe Conversation with  Stella Mac and I with Amy Ahlers – it is gonna be a good night. And don’t miss EXPOSING the BIG FAT LIES Telesummit either!

Love to you,