Dangerous Territory

We are a tribe of truth tellers.
Revolution makers.
Transformational cupcake bakers.
Movers and shakers
of things that need moving
and shaking. Like hips.
And old ideas that need
shaking off.
This work can make
dangerous territory.

We are a gathering of women who
straddle the worlds.
We have one bare foot on the earth
(toenails painted sparkly of course)
and one cowgirl boot in the marketplace of life.
With our heads in the stars for big dreaming
and our arms outstretched
to embrace as much aliveness as we can.
We have our hearts on our sleeves, both of them.
Whether we be sinners or saints
or wear halos or horns there is
one thing you have to admit about us….

We think for ourselves.
While being a part of a tribe.

Often, too often, being a part
of something makes one lose oneself
and choose the something instead.
There is never a something better
than the you that is you.

Here, where the Cosmic Cowgirls
reign, we agree on a common vision
for our unfolding wings — and it is this:

Be the most you that you can be.

Whoever that is for you – and
we the sisterhood of the cosmos
will literally and virtually hold your hand
as you molt on the dance floor of life.

Then we will clean up the
first layer of 
your skins and feathers for you
and most likely we will hoot and holler
for you — or meditate quietly — or
beat the drum. You choose your own
rites of passage around here.

We believe this truth to be self evident:
That the pursuit of identity
is essential to quality of our aliveness.
That each woman can transform
her life into a legend.
That stories are made for telling
around the campfire,
but legends are meant to be lived.
And sisterhoods are meant to
be your bridge when you don’t know
the way over the troubled water of
the lies you have been told
and tell yourself still.
Oh sure we talk about truth a lot
and then we still make stuff up
if we wanna. A legend must be
crafted. Legends are not spontaneous
things like certain kinds of stories.
Legends are not hatched. They
are concocted. Brewed. Stitched.
Woven together with time, friendship
red thread and spit blood and tears.

A legend is composed of fact
and fiction and poetry.
And it is our business
what combination of the three
we choose to express that day.
We are not static. We are not a brand.
We are evolutionary beings,
cyclical, mutable, changable
and relentless explorers of
the luminosity found in the inner
and the outer-ness of existence.

We have to explore ourselves
with searchlights to discover
what is inside this vessel of clay
called me? What are these jewels
I find inside that no on told me
even existed.  
And when is it my time to shine?

Here we have tools for excavation.
And while you are using them
for internal roadwork
you might look and feel more
like ‘one of us’ than you will later –
this is not because you are
being absorbed, this is because
we are sheltering you inside
of our legends and truths
while you find your own.
We invite you to uncover your own truth.
We will be here to notice
the sparkling parts of you emerging.

To help in the great adventure
of revealing the more you that there is,
we may hand you a paintbrush
a writing pen a drum a fiddle
a magic wand a bar of chocolate
some cowgirl boots and
a jar of red glitter and a ball of
red thread. And the craft of
inquiry. That’s right – the path
of questions is that path
each of us must walk and keep
on walking. Creativity,
curiosity and
inquiry into oneself is the daily
cup of tea here at Cosmic
Cowgirls Cafe where no
guilt sandwiches are ever
served and the bar is always

Here we know what women
are worth and we tell you what we
know of our ancient and future wisdom.
We have been gathering the stories
of our grandmothers and grandfathers
about birth and death and transformation
that have been lost. We will not
allow them to be lost again. We
are carrying scrolls of wisdom
across the planet so that thousands
of hands hold these legends
and it will not be lost from us
like it was before.
Here we teach you to face your
critic head on and invite her
to surrender her power to the
all powerful muse. Here
stories of not good enough
and not matching enough
and not knowing enough
and not being enough
will eventually fall away.
‘round here we say,
the sacred and irreverent
go hand in hand.
This is where women
come to gather the bones
and sing their whole self
back together again.

We believe in living
in the in between spaces too,
of not arriving. Of not knowing.
Of honoring the mystery.
Or sure we are all about
claiming your destiny
but we know that on the
way to that claiming there
are many valleys of tears
and quiet and wonder
and tiredness and awe
at how things have not
quite turned out as we had planned.

And in time, time and half a time
new ideas and connections will
light the divine spark again.
Concoctions will begin to bubble.
And stories of hope,
compassion, adventure,
kinship, creativity, invention,
freedom, sisterhood, possibility
poetry and miracles are spoken.
And when all the stories
have been told the legends
begin to unfold and we hold
you through them and to them.

We believe there is medicine,
sacred and true in
community that comes with the
territory of belonging.
Of being a part of that which
is bigger then you. And me.
A place where the collective
soul can unfurl her bright
wings and together we can
fly in a future that reflects
who we are and what we
care about.

And in closing I must give you a
Warning – if you enter 
Cosmic Cowgirl Territory
there is no way your wild
woman will keep herself
contained. Beware of shifting
stories and old ideas falling away.
Beware of taking up space
that might make others
uncomfortable around you.
Beware of no longer being
willing to live a life that does not reflect
who you are. This is dangerous
territory. Welcome.
Your cup of revolutionary tea
is waiting for you.

Shiloh Sophia

aka Chief Laughing Cloud