Open the door of the heart



the door of the heart.

Here’s a hint,

it opens from the inside.

Whether or not the heart

has been broken

I tell you the truth

the door will still open

with some tender words

and tender image offerings

We think it won’t and

for a time we should let

it just be – perhaps

but do not wait too long.

The heart beat

keeps the door ready

and when we are ready

we begin to push

gently and sometimes

even knock loudly.

This is not a merit


and it doesn’t matter

if you are good or bad.

The heart is a renewable

resource, and

can be healed

and can open

again with

breath that longs

for new life.


the door of the heart.

This is a choice.

And not an easy one


but the alternative

is not so easy either

if we stay closed we die slowly.




Shiloh Sophia