I want to live where beauty lives

I want to live where beauty lives

I want to sit on her white couches

lounging with summer shining in my hair

and gardenias in clear glass bowls

I want to wear white linen garments

loose and woven with care

and enjoy the fragrance of pink roses

coming through the open windows

through the open windows

night comes through seductively

beckoning to us to come to her

her essence reminds me it is time

to let my mind rest

and my heart wander

wander to lands where I have never been

loving skin I have never touched

the warm wind moves through the

casa de amore

from the front door through to the back

gracing the dangling strap

of my garment

my red painted toes

curled into silk pillows

head resting on fluffy pillows

and body at peace with life

with love

and my peace

takes nothing away from anyone

I do not forget the suffering

for one second

even in my peaceful luxury

I do not let go of my grasp

on the love that has no end

and I also know

that my joy takes nothing from the


but adds to its beauty

and restfullness

…and shall I blame myself

for wanting to live with beauty?

drink fine red wines

and eat curries made by hand?

sometimes I think I am bad

for wanting sheets so soft

and shoes that fit me

and coats that don’t tug

and scarves of opal-colored gauze

and then I must remember

I am a creature of beauty

God made me to love beauty

and I do. And I shall

continue all of my days

to give the beauty I have

into service of others

in the ways I am called to do

and I shall love the days of

beauty when they come


For I love the light

when it touches the edge of your cheek

and lights on the corners of your smile.

I am an artist, after all

and it is my job to love beauty.

shiloh sophia