Organ of Light

What if the soul was an organ.

An organ of light.

What if the soul was a prayer wheel spinning in both directions

fired by our breath.

What if this was the place we were supposed to listen from

only we didn’t know where to put our ear.

What if the soul was the birthplace of creativity

the organ of the seventh sense.

Like the ears are the way we hear

and the eyes are the way we see

the mouth was the way we taste and kiss

and the nose was the way we smell

and the body is the way we feel

and the soul was really like that…

something illusively tangible

but palpable. Useful and divine.

Something or place we could reach.

What if when we stopped listening

to our creativity and our own unique expression

we shut off the voice

of the soul and could no longer hear her song.

What…if it was not too late?

It’s not you know.

The soul is a renewable place

fired by God’s own spirit

and waiting and ready for us

whenever we are ready to listen.

To explore. Pursue. Meander.

Have tea with.

What if talking with the muse

made the soul a little closer

through art





What if the way to hear our

own soul song was to move our body?

to move our brush?

Do you think we could hear it then?

I would like to sit and listen to your soul’s song.

Would you listen to mine?

This is it right here.

Asking ridiculous questions on a Sunday

afternoon like…

what if soul is an organ of light?