I am being interviewed tomorrow on Six Figure Success – want to listen in?

Maggie and Shiloh

Maggie and Shiloh at the Cosmic Cowgirls Cocktail Party at Spoon Bar in Healdsburg

Hi Lovely Beings,

We just finished our Color of Woman Teaching Training and wow was it ever one of the most incredible experiences of my life, and theirs too. And it is back to the drawing board with Blooming Artist clients all day, but first, TEA at the RED THREAD CAFE with my project manager Isabella, who lives in Oregon but is still in town so off I go to the flying goat!

I wanted to tell you that tomorrow I am being interviewed by friend, fellow business associate and Cosmic Cowgirl, Maggie Ostara on her telesummit – Six Figure Success without Selling Your Soul.

If you are you a full spectrum entrepreneur? You want to share your gift, not be depleted,
participate in business but not be in the ‘race’ and do it all with style, grace and multiple income streams? The best way to do business is when it is your soul work…your whole self is brought forward onto the altar of business. I am a full spectrum entrepreneur. And so is my friend Maggie!

My long time friend Maggie O’Stara WONDERFUL free Telesummit, features 18 speakers sharing their best strategies, tools and tips for creating a lucrative, impactful and soul-inspired business! Including me and I am ON LIVE tomorrow. Join us

I met Maggie many moons ago when my gallery was in Berkeley at Bella Donna. Her and her husband actually came to my first visioning workshop that was related to creating business with heart! Let’s see I think that was 9 years ago or more…since then we vision together, paint together and she is a graduate of my Legendary Life Course – of course – she is a Cosmic Cowgirl from way back and we LOVE to talk business from the perspective of healing, of sensitive folks, of those who want to create income but don’t want to do it the way we are told we are supposed to.

The six figure part? For a long time I didn’t even know what that meant…and I work with lots of artists and healers who still don’t. shhhhhh. It means you created 100k. Which in entrepreneurship is one of those joy milestones…wow. I did it. This happened for me early with my art, about 11 years ago. I remember seeing the numbers and feeling so proud….wow, I participated in the commerce of life and did this – with art!? Yes. Maggie knows how to help folks create this in their businesses, that is exciting, and that is why I am participating! And it started last week but you can still get all of the recordings for free by signing up to be on the call with me!

Her business has sky-rocketed because she is a healer and a coach who works with folks from the heart and shows us how to stay true to our soul – while building our income streams. I will be LIVE on September 1, tomorrow, speaking about HOW to be a full spectrum entrepreneur, not cutting off and fragmenting parts of yourself so that you can do business the way you are told. Nope. You can learn to do it CONSISTENT with who you are.

Here’s to thriving in our businesses and projects no matter what. And if you are an artist and you want to join me for BLOOMING ARTISTS COACHING – the next session is in February but we are accepting applications now.

Blessings on you

On Your day

On Your projects

On Your ideas

On your finances

On your temple body

blessings all around