Last night I dreamed of compassion

I dreamed that compassion was not a regular emotion.

Like love or sorrow or hope.

I dreamed it was an emotion that God lent to us

when were brave enough to love without borders.

Sometimes it was like a breath God would send

and we would catch a bit of compassion on the wind

other times a storm that would knock us down with wonder

and other times a season that would keep us deep in deep love.

Compassion isn’t something we can just ‘learn’

or borrow or acquire or even choose.

I dreamed compassion was supernatural

healing. A cosmic delivery one should get ready for

with ones whole life and being.

It isn’t often on someone’s wish list or to do list

“be more compassionate”

or is it? Is it on yours?

Compassion is a medicine that helps us

untangle the snarls of self and judgement

and puts our attention from the inside

to the outside where we can be of service

to supporting the unfolding of the great mystery.

I dreamed that compassion is something God

sends to us when we are good and ready.

Waiting patiently at the gates of our hearts

to have the Holy Breath send compassion our way.

Something in the dream said that everything

we do, should lead towards living in the space of compassion

so instead of a burst of it now and then

compassion would come to live in our hearts all the time.

God would pass the substance that into our dna

and then we would not be without it again

and then the whole world would begin to work.

I felt in the dream that

if we had true compassion for ourselves

we would literally give up on the lies

of lack of self worth and shame

and see the pointlessness of those

and guilt and regret and how much

space we have allowed that to take up.

And that in the space of that openness

towards ourselves

there would FINALLY be room to love others


That spending time in self loathing,

had a strange selfishness in it that

prevented us from truly wanting to serve,

and then serving.

I dreamed compassion held the keys of joy.


I usually dream in images –

not thoughts…

but here they are.

I don’t think the

thoughts are revolutionary

by any means…

but my little blog

wanted to hear all about it


Blessings to you this Sunday.

I am on day 3 of 4 day Teacher Training

for the Color of Woman Method working

with 18 powerful women leaders

healers teachers painters

and compassionate beings

who long to serve.

love from a small red thread

connected to a bigger one

hoping for compassion