Bountiful is a way of being

Bountiful is a way of being.
Bountiful is something we choose to be no matter what.
Bountiful is a place within that we cultivate over time.
We cannot always choose our circumstances.
And we cannot always choose our responses in the moment,
as hard as we may try.
Bountiful is something that comes after
 things have been hard
and doors have closed.
It is what we do with what we have.
It is how we create who we can be in the world.
It is a decision to be a blessing to others.
If we just evaluate what we have and own,
and who we have been up till now
and measure 
it against the world’s measuring stick –
we may not feel bountiful at all.
We may feel downright discouraged.
That is why we have to choose
 to be bountiful no matter what.
We get to choose creativity and personal peace,
this is a gift from the Creator;
 to be able to find bliss in chaos.
It is bountiful just to simply practice thinking our own thoughts.

Bountiful is
 a spiritual practice, a love ritual, a peace offering,
and powerful tool for healing.

Shiloh Sophia