Are you honoring yourself? Today is the day.

My Dear Joy,

Do you have a cup of tea? Get one…and sit back with a big fluffed pillow behind you and take a moment to BE. Be with me, be in this moment and be in the spaciousness of the word:


How does it feel to the tongue to say? How does it feel to the eye to see? How does it feel to the heart when you ask yourself what your relationship to honor IS at this point in your journey?

She must decide how to govern her own domain.
She seeks friends and allies that honor who she is now
and who she is becoming.

We have, some of us, spent a lifetime working our way out of being invisible and irrelevant. And we may have spent a lifetime beating ourselves up with ideas and induced concepts that just aren’t appropriate to wild flowers like us. So the topic of honor is simply ESSENTIAL as we move into even deeper mysteries.

Honor is something we cultivate, and practice. We literally “try on” feeling like we have value. We don’t wait for the external world to give us value, we assign it to ourselves. Not as easy as it sounds. In fact most of us have to attempt self honor over and over. So easy is it to slip into places that don’t honor us….sometimes it even feels comfortable there because it is familiar.

We practice knowing that we DO have something to say. We DO have a vision. We DO have a PURPOSE. And we practice searching, finding, and working on the excavation of that purpose of HONORING ourselves and our journey. Any creative work we do is like the archeologist with a fine brush, brushing away thousands of years of dust to find glistening fragments of possibility. And inside that possibility there there is the opportunity to practice honoring ourselves right where we are.

She has the power to create miracles.
Her prayers and intentions manifest in right order.
She does not know how or when her needs will be met,
but she trusts the will of the Divine.
Being the Queen of one’s domain is not about being
the ruler over anyone else’s life or ideas.
And it isn’t even about calling herself a Queen.
It is about self honor. It is about choice.
It is about knowing her limits and setting her boundaries.
And about encouraging others to live their possibilities.

I don’t know about you – but continuing to affirm and honor what I am working on and creating is essential medicine for my life work. If I were to listen to logic from other folks they might steer us away from my purpose – and I would not be here writing to you now.

It is about learning how to live with what comes her way,
with as much grace, majesty and justice as she can.

Now, I don’t think it is common to know how to honor oneself, and I don’t think it is common to REALLY explore what we want. And yet, if we start with a practice of self honor we become so much clearer than if we come from a place of noticing what we lack. Let us come from what we have and not what we do not have or have not achieved.

And sometimes, yes, she has to have her own way!
She claims her unique destiny and recognizes she has a calling.
A calling to greatness within her own life.
And within her own heart.

Excerpted from The
Queen of Her Own Heart

Know that the creative process will take you along the curving path of self honor – even if it is not obvious right now. Because Honor is about listening to the messages of the heart and applying them gradually and tenderly. And creative practices give voice to just such messages.

With love in my heart for you – I send you this letter.

I honor you. Shiloh Sophia

Creative Practices for HONOR

  • Close your eyes and imagine a glorious Queen named honor. And if HONOR was a Queen who came to teach you a few things about herself – what would she tell you?Feel like sharing? Be bold and tell us what she said in the comments below…
  • And then ask yourself the question – what would you need to do TODAY in order to begin saying that you honor yourself? Today is the day to begin, or renew your vow to honor yourself.
  • And if you are around these parts, come paint with me on Saturday — and listen to your HEART SONG