Join me for an online video class – only $75 – Our Lady of the Divine Spark!

Hola My Red Thread Community!
You are invited to An Amazing Event

The first online event of its kind! A virtual festival of creativity! The Artful Gathering is featuring 15 INSPIRING workshops from brilliant teachers that are sure to light your creative fire! All courses have step by step videos that make it easy and are available for 6 weeks!

Check out the Artful Gathering 2011 site:

Registration to the event is only $5 and then you get access to visit and purchase so many cool creative courses!

A SIX WEEK COURSE that you can work at your own pace!  July 16-August 27

Register for my course for only $75, Our Lady of the Divine Spark

I love these women, Gail Schmidt from Shabby Cottage and Creative Workshops, and Zinnia Galliher from Roses On My Table have cooked this up and enrolled so many incredible teachers. This is like a party online for creative souls!

Have you been feeling a desire to get your “glitter on” or your brushes swirled with paint? Been feeling the urge to craft? You are gonna be blessed then! Make this SUMMER a creative one!

Once you register with your $5 you have access to purchasing any of the workshops you want for six weeks, open 24X7!

Here’s what I am up to with my class – what’s neat is that once you register you can go at your own pace. All the videos are up already – my existing students will be happy about that as they so often have to “wait” for each video to be released!

See a slideshow of the STEPS I will be teaching in this video course
Our Lady of the Divine Spark
Painting as Sacred Practice with Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Painting can be a blissful prayer when choose to weave our intentions into our paintings. With each stroke we bring our mindfulness, wishes and dreams into the canvas.

In Our Lady of the Dive Spark You Will:

  • Learn to paint from within, drawing from your internal wisdom and symbol
  • Learn basic acrylic techniques, shading and blocking, sketching with paint, writing in paint, color glazes, paint application.
  • Seven easy steps, as well as 11 videos!
  • Connect with a archetypal feminine image of strength, power and possibility
  • Practice Intentional Creativity using painting a sacred practice
  • Use active imagination to journey to gather information
  • Paint Your Prayers and connect with the Divine for you

Are you ready to light up and your own Divine Spark!

With this easy guided seven step video process using acrylic paint anyone will be able to create their very own Our Lady of the Divine Spark painting. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to paint or haven’t painted before – you will be able to do this painting process!

Painting can be a gateway to personal transformation and breakthrough when we choose for it to be. When we bless the canvas with water. When we whisper our prayers into the fibers. When All of us have something we are wanting to create, all of us want to manifest and bring something into form. Your Divine Spark painting will feature the face and upper torso of a woman that will hold your prayers and intentions and invite you to  connect you with your own Divine Spark.

Shiloh Sophia McCloud, Visionary Artist, teaches the intentional creativity method, where you put your intentions and wishes right into the painting before you even begin and then bring your mindful awareness to each stroke. Shiloh McCloud has been teaching painting to thousands of women for the past 15 years and believes that painting is a sacred practice.

I hope to see you there – as there are NO OTHER online painting courses with me offered until the Fall! Unless I get a wild hair, which does sometimes happen….