the noir petit dejeuner

My Writing Desk

Dear Ones,

The noir petit dejeuner means English breakfast black tea. Today I wanted to invite you to a Noir Petit Dejeuner Salon to share what the most important and or most interesting conversation topics are for you right now.

What is on your heart?

What challenges do you have solutions for?

What do you find most compelling in your life right now?

What issues really make you ‘hot’ in one way or another?

P.S. Sorry….I am sure you noticed my grand boo-boo’ (said with French accent please). I was being brave trying to upload my images to my blog from my i-phone. It has only been two years since I had my blog, I mean why not save half an hour and learn the technology!! Well it is pretty obvious how that turned out. Could have been a lot worse than my sleepy photos this morning.

Note to Self: don’t blog while asleep

Sleepy Tea