How to invite yourself to tea

When you invite yourself to tea

Be sure to bring enough cream and cookies along.

Shortbread cookies sure are nice in the morning.

Be sure to bring a journal and plenty of colored pens.

And don’t forget to light the candles whatever you do.

It would be nice if you put on that lovely shawl you rarely wear

and perhaps have some nice music playing as you arrive.

(I recommend classical, or Anonymous Four, unless it’s Sunday

and then it is time for Mahalia Jackson or Ancient Faith Radio)

You could, if you really wanted to, bake a pie instead of the cookie,

but don’t let that hang you up.

Turn on the heater, if it happens to be a cold day in June

or light the fire if you have one. Please light the fire.

It wouldn’t hurt to have some inspiring books of poetry by your side

so you can wax eloquent as needed

(I recommend Rilke, Rumi or Kabir, not Plath or Eliot for morning tea)

and by all means, turn of the flippin’ cell phone off.

And close the computer screen or set it to “Palm Trees In Paradise” screensaver.

And should you be longing for connection,

you could bring images or icons of loved ones or Divine Ones and dust

them off and talk to them, even. Like I am doing with my Black Madonna Icon


Pick your favorite cup for your steaming cup of love

and if you don’t have one now buy one today.

And then, if you are still in your pajamas like I am,

you could get under a fuzzy blanket and nest up on the couch.

And if all of this seems like too much trouble then

perhaps you haven’t been spending enough time,

like I do a the Red Thread Cafe before the day dawns

on me and to do lists beckon

here, where ideas of dross are spun into gold.

The making of a life or a person takes time,

nurturing, profound tenderness. And teatime

is just the right kind of time to do just that.

Shiloh Sophia

dedicated to Jena C. Lindh my virtual tea partner


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