Who Is Legendary Woman?

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Who is legendary woman…I shall attempt to explain her mystery…

She is the visionary muse that lives within each one of us who listen to us, knows us and continually invites us to express ourselves. Legendary Woman has the ability to see between the worlds. She is an inventor of possibilities. She is not governed by reason and rule, but by a sense within herself that there is something she is called to do – and indeed must do. She refers to a way of being, a space held within all women where seeing what is possible, has more power than our limitations. That which has not been created yet can be seen by our legendary, visionary Woman. This very ‘seeing” inspires a woman to develop the skills and tools she needs in order to move her life in a direction that is in alignment with her vision, and who she is. The visionary screen within us gives us glimpses of “calling”, that which we are moving toward and participating in our entire lives, seen and unseen. She grants us access to our seventh sense, the sacred art of intentional creativity.

Legendary Woman is the name for a way of seeing, that can and does inform and altar the course of our lives from “existing” to “being. At the heart of her function, is the work of personal identity. We are not just made up of who we have been, or where we came from or what our future looks to hold right now. That we can have an active part in the unfolding of our personal future, that we can be a co-designer of our own identity is a revelation of grand proportion. And much of the world, for various reasons, are not able to ask these questions, and have not asked them – so busy are we in the business of survival, that the business of “being” seems a luxury, instead of an essential. But it is an essential – to our very core – it is essential that we wake up to who we are and what we want and refuse to think the thoughts others are thinking, and think our own thoughts.

Legendary Woman has been there since we were lit as a divine spark in our mother’s womb, but she is ever changing and renewing how she sees and what she chooses to show to us. Her function is to illuminate, literally to shed light upon. To open us to clear seeing. Seeing forward without hindrance or limitation, she sees through spaces human eyes cannot begin to decode. She lives both in the mystical realm, and in the physical because our generative actions are inspired by her presence within us. Her primary purpose is to encourage towards that which we are here on earth to create or fulfill. She is our view finder. Our “aha!” moment maker. Our waker upper. Every single woman has the visionary woman within her – we just may not have called upon her services yet, but that time has come. Oh yes.

Legendary Woman is alchemist and housewife. She is cowgirl and business tycoon. She is the checkout girl and the scientist. She is the politician and the housekeeper. She is active in all women, a function of all our psyche, residing in the imagination our hearts – and now, we need to call on her. Her time has come, and we who activate her presence – will have the benefit of her wisdom, which in a magical way is connected to the wisdom of women who have gone before us. Visionary woman is the mystical red thread that continues to link us one to another throughout out time.

She is a truth teller, legend maker – she is visionary.
She calls us to our own leadership. She calls us to teach. To share. To see. To dream. To vision.

Shiloh Sophia ©2011

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