Blessed and Highly Favored

Dear Ones,

This is a curious life isn’t it? Do you remember the moment when you first realized that suffering and beauty existed at the same moment in time? Were you a tiny child? A teenager? What about when you realized that folks were dying and babies were being born in the same instant? Kind of blows your mind doesn’t it? Continues to amaze me how much absolute bliss is possible in each second…and then how grumpy we can be. I love the saying when someone asks how you are – and you say: Blessed and highly favored! I have only heard it in the African American community – but I am claiming it for myself today. So how am I?

Blessed and highly favored.

And how are you doing? How is your mother? Your papa? How are you healing after that (fill in the blank)? What are you working on that makes you happy? What is your favorite color right now? If you could buy or have anything at all for your art studio or sacred space, what would you have? If you could paint…what would you paint?

I paint…and what I paint is Madonnas mostly. I am starting some new ones as we speak…like this one that is not even really photographed or on my site yet — took this with my I-Phone. I have LOVED painting her all these years… – it is like being connected to her source and energy while I paint. I pray while I paint. I be with her and I be with what is unresolved. All that challenge and suffering, my own and that of others, I pour it into my painting and let the holy water of her love wash us all clean. And I pour into it my love…my hope…my care. And it inspires me to share painting with all of you…you can come and paint with me in person or online as soon as you are ready to say yes to paint and prayer:

And if you want to, join me tonight for Black Madonna tele-council with Kayleen Asbo, it is free and if you cannot be on the call you can get a recording, hosted by none other than my favorite host, Stella Mac.

I enjoyed a wonderful weekend with Deborah Mathews and friends for Women’s Day in the East Bay. Got an award for being an Amazing Woman and I gave a speech — I had no idea what I was going to say and was happy as pie that I made people laugh. I just told my story….and glad it was as funny to the other women as it was to me.

In closing, I send you a PRAYER that YOU are blessed and highly favored in some way — today.

with absolute love,

Shiloh Sophia