The Door of My Heart – Art Show and Opening May 7


Local Visionary Artist, Shiloh Sophia McCloud’s new works presented in Sebastopol, California:
The Door of My Heart

Milk and Honey – Sebastopol, California: April 1-May 7, 2011

A Northern California native, Shiloh McCloud is an internationally collected artist whose works are dedicated to empowering images of women.

About the show: “Every painting is a prayer. A wish, a dream. Each image represents a moment in time in which we are connected with spirit and feel how we want to feel in our lives, in our bodies and in our hearts.

“My new work is an exploration of what it feels like to be open when there is suffering side by side with beauty. To receive and give even when we feel shut down, but to practice that from a different place than we are used to. To acknowledge our shadow and our light…and to celebrate the diversity that lives within each of us. To lean into the sharp edges, and in doing so, open the door of our heart…surprise! Healing is at hand! ~ Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Shiloh’s paintings feature women in sacred relationship with life, whether it is a mermaid or a Madonna, the images call up emotions both ancient and future of feminine archetypes with which modern day women identify.

About her relationship with Milk & Honey: “About 12 years ago I had just released my first book, Color of Woman, and advertised in Feminist Bookstore News. The first day it came out I got a call from Jill Leslie, then-owner of Milk & Honey, and she ordered three books. Never have I been so excited. I have continued to work exclusively with Milk & Honey over the years and am proud to have my recent works shared in that wonderful community which has been so good to me as my career has blossomed. And I love working with the current owners, Alyssa and Candra, in their wonderful sanctuary honoring the feminine divine.”

In addition to being a visual artist, Shiloh is the author and illustrator of over seven books for women, many of which can also be found at Milk & Honey at 123 North Main Street in Sebastopol, California, 707-824-1155,, open daily 11-7. IF you should venture into this café and sanctuary during Shiloh’s show, you will also find her prints and cards and get be the first to see new works, not yet even featured on the artist’s website:

Shiloh is also a revolutionary movement leader, teacher, and the founder of Cosmic Cowgirls University, a woman and girl owned school where she teaches intentional creativity, painting as sacred practice and visionary business for the feminine paradigm. She believes every single bone in our body is a creative bone, and we just need to start being creative to activate them!

Meet the artist on Saturday, May 7, 7:30pm for The Door of My Heart Art Opening and Red Thread Thread Circle with musician, Christine Tulis, at Milk & Honey. View Shiloh’s show, get your journal signed, have a cup of tea, and join the festivities.

Many of the works featured in the show, are from 2011 and have not been shown yet, and are not featured on the artist’s website. To see her other works – go to:


Shiloh Sophia McCloud
401 Center Street, Suite D
Healdsburg, CA
Ph: 707-473-0673