Who’s Your Mama? Free telecouncil

Radiant Grace By Shiloh Sophia McCloud

Our Lady of Radiant Grace
hears the prayers of the world
and the ones hidden in my heart
She is merciful and understanding
and she calls me her own.

Who’s Your Mama – Black Madonna Telecouncil and Circle with Shiloh Sophia and Kayleen Asbo on May 16 – Learn More and sign up for FREE, attend the call or get the recording.

About the painting:
Radiant Grace is inspired by images of the Black Madonna –
all of her mystery, magic and mothering power that she bestows on us. Her little babe is her greatest offering,
and she nurtures us as she nurtures her baby.
The images of the Black Madonna found around the world make a mothering image of the divine feminine available to all.

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Dear Ones,
I am about to have a cup of tea in my pink rose cup with a very dear man. There is wisteria blooming out the window and the scent of hope is in the the air. I am excited to share this conversation with you about the Black Madonna with a woman I respect very much for her work, her presence and her wisdom. Kayleen Asbo. I hope you will consider joining us for this conversation, an inquiry in to the legend and mystery of the Holy Lady who inspires so much wonder…and miracles.

I recently had a tiny miracle, a prayer answered, not in the way I hoped  – but I hereby proclaim – miracles are all around us.