Grace is called for…and will they serve spaghetti in heaven?

Blessed Lady of Grace

Shine your light on us today

We need mercy

We need healing

We want justice

We want to have hope

Show us how to have that peace

Your Son spoke of

The one that passes understanding

So many things Lady that seem unfair

So many trials that make no sense

So much suffering in which we cannot find meaning

How much is God’s hand in this day to day journey?

How does peace live in one person when another is in pain?

How does joy live in one family when another family is hungry?

I know I know we have been asking this a long long time

Like children who want to know why the sky is blue

We want to know – what is true?

And so we shall take our comfort

in one bright star, and one marigold blooming,

in a sweet cup of coffee from a lover’s hand

in the meow of a kitty that is happy to see you

in the beauty of a moment when I can write

to you and have a “sense”

you can hear me.

Today I pray for those who have gone on

before us, and who, if we are lucky

we might get served spaghetti

when we show up.


Dear Ones,

I am off to church, journeying to one I have never been to before. I hear they have smoke and mirrors and rock and roll and that is good because I need to dance today. I know they won’t honor Mary or MAMA in any of her forms so I had to start my day by writing Her because when I go anywhere but Orthodox churches the lack of the presence of the feminine is sometimes sickening, and sometimes sorrowful. But today I just have to dance so I shall visit a Pastor in blue jeans with a mike instead of a my Priest in purple robes who chants.

I have to dance in my cowgirl boots today because I go to honor the life of my godmother, Jaunita, a legend. It is no wonder I turned out this way when I see who my mother surrounded me with – wild original authentic ones, I didn’t stand a chance for normal. That is why Grace is called for. Because those of us wild ones need plenty of grace to get through the lives and identities we have chosen. I know we lived with this woman when I was a baby – and perhaps that is where I inherited my desire to serve up food to folks….today we honor her legacy of wildness. And I pray for grace for her, for me, for you and for anyone who needs it. That would be all of us.

There is lots to read – and here is one with actual quotes about her. Rest in Peace Big Mama.

and here’s another one

P.S. The above painting is the one I told you about last week, it is a close up of just her face, called Lady Grace which I painted for a woman doctor who serves the poorest in her community in Roseland Santa Rosa. Her husband commissioned it for her birthday…