I walk by your side

In whatever way you have not been able to do what you wanted to.

Let it go. You can start right now.

In whatever way you have not done what you said you would.

Let it go. You are forgiven.

In whatever way you still don’t believe you can do it.

Let it go. You can do it.

In whatever way your critic has told you that you will never make it.

Let it go. You can make it.

In whatever way you feel your dream has not been realized.

Let it go. You are right now at the threshold of life. Of possibility.

One more step

my sister and take up your walking stick

and proceed with strides confident and bold

and with the light of your heart as your lantern to see by.

You will feel us right there

on the path beside you

even when you don’t see us.

We are there.

I am are there.

You are there.

Here I am

There you are

and it is mighty fine

to walk by your side.

So my sister —

tell me your story of calling

and I will tell you mine…

This is our sheroe’s journey

and we shall not cease

and we shall not turn back

from answering our call.

Shiloh Sophia

Dedicated to my students of the The Sheroe’s Journey – February 2011