I Am Art, I Am Ritual.

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Hello there wonderful ones,

You know what? I guess I am a rebel…(was there a question?) While preparing for our call next week, Legend Weaver, I was warned again and again not to use the word “ritual”.  But, as you can see, I don’t like doing things the way I am supposed to! I found that the word ritual comes from the word ‘rite’ from the 16th century Latin ‘A ceremony or event marking an important stage in someone’s life’

This is one night in which over 100 women will be gathered at the same time to do something all of us want…

Shed old stories and claim new legends that work for us. And we will lead you through a step by step process to do that while we are on the call.

That is why on our Red Thread Connection Telecouncil series we invite you to light a candle or have a cup of tea with you. It doesn’t matter what tradition you come from, all of them have different rituals. It is not scary or woowoo.

  • When we think something with our mind, step one.
  • When we say it with our words or write it down, step two.
  • When we take an action to back it up, step three.

Ritual is taking it to the third step, bringing it INTO FORM. Okay so I am a form addict. As an artist, I cannot help myself. I want to see it and feel it in the physical realm. I am art. I am ritual. I am the ritual in action as a body temple. The question is – do my actions align with my spirit? That is the hope we all have. Actions that reflect who we truly are.

On the Legend Weaver call, it is the first time we have taught the Leading a Legendary Life core curriculum to those “outside” our tribe of Cosmic Cowgirls. The primary work we do around the Cosmic Cowgirls Campus is to re-invent our stories from the inside out…to weave our own legends. We teach this in our online course, Leading A Legendary Life which is starting on March 10 and which we only offer twice a year. AND for one night — you are invited into the cosmic studio for some magic making with women who weave tales of true love with oneself …

That being said, ritual means a ceremony with steps or a consistent action. I don’t know about you, but I am finding life in great need of rites to mark time and shifts in perception. This call is one such opportunity to move from one place to another place. Sound good? I am always happy to shed a skin or molt a feather on the dance floor of life!

As a writer and a visual artist I have some magical tricks up my sleeve that I know WORK, and  I am teaming up with my co-creator in all things Cosmic Cowgirls – Stella Mac and my new friend and inspiration – Laura Hollick of Soul Art TV. These two women, (yes, both from CANADA as they will be SO proud to tell you) are legends in their own time. They have taken risks, stepped out into the world, shed their old skins, claimed some new ones and Laura has even added new bright feathers — a true witness of a woman stepping out of her old story and into her new one.

What happens on this council and in the legend we are weaving is up to us…will March 2 be the night you choose a new path?

Step into a juicy, wonderful, powerful legend that reflects who YOU are?

Yes virtual ritual is going to happen on March 2. And if you cannot join us, you can get the recording and do it in on your own time.

I hope you will join us for Legend Weaver on March 2.

Shiloh Sophia